The relativity of Apple's market share

In case you still fear for Apple's future, let me tell you that I fear they one day might get to much market share:

5-10% market share is all Apple will ever need! As long as Apple's market share is below 5%, Apple needs to fight for more. But if Apple's market share would ever go up to or above 10%, it would be a sign that Apple is spreading itself to thin and that it should concentrate more on delivering to its core market.

What would be the competitive advantage if the other 90% wouldn't be using inferior technologies?
25.11.2001, 17:08

Are humans animals?

The most traumatic experience of my life: In school we played a game where the teacher would name a letter of the alphabet and we had to write down a city, a plant, an animal, a mountain, a lake etc. that started with that letter. When I wrote down 'Mensch' (German for 'Human') as an example for an animal starting with the letter 'M' the teacher didn't allow that as a correct answer. When I claimed that he was wrong and I was right he let the class vote about it.... They voted overwhelmingly against humans being animals. I was disgusted of my teacher and my classmates and left the classroom in protest. So, you know what I’ll vote and you know what I’ll think of you if you vote 'No' but don't let this distort the scientific correctness of this poll and answer truthfully.

Poll results:

(30 votes) 83%

(2 votes) 6%

(4 votes) 11%

Why would your teacher refuse to include humans in the animal kingdom? Was he a fundementalist?
It's obvious which side of this I'm on considering that I named my cats Darwin and Mendell

Either a religious fundamentalist or an anal retentive humanist. At least it made me realize that there is work to be done on this planet.

I love your description....

DeAnna Burghart:
Amen. <g> Reminds me of a friend that I knew in college who got absolutely *hostile* once when I suggested that dolphins had more *raw* intelligence/IQ than most humans. He yelled at me (with the completely rational come back "They just don't! That's all! <g>) and wouldn't speak to me for a week. LOL
A lot of people like that are threatened by the perception of humans as animals (the same types who object to breastfeeding infants because it's too primitive & animalistic and bottle-feeding is somehow more civilized). Takes away their sense of superiority. <g> The irony is that their vehement denial is such an *instinctive* reaction to a perceived threat ...
As far as I'm concerned, humans are *definitely* animals. After all, we're not vegetables (except for a few of the folks I deal with who can't manage our password-retrieval system) or minerals (except for one of my ex-boyfriends, who is definately dumber than a rock <eg>).
I wonder why the teacher felt so threatened that she (?) would rely on the uninformed opinions of schoolchildren to back her up instead of stating the opinion on her own logic. <weg>

I don't think there is *that* much difference between humans and other animals.
For example, some people think animals (other than humans) do not think. That is just plain silly. I have had a dog now for 8 years and he definitely does think.
For example, he might be sitting in the living room. Suddenly he will raise his head, look around, then run upstairs, get a bone and bring it down to play with.
I would say this shows obvious thought. He clearly was looking for that bone and with full intent and forethought went to get it where he remembered he left it.
What (most) animals besides humans do not have is language ability, because they have no language centers in their brains. That is true for dogs - they respond to intonation and get used to what you are trying to say to them based on the totality of your command: your body gestures, intonation, etc. But I do not believe they are capably of understanding the words themselves.
Try telling your dog, in a completely different tone of voice (neutral with no other overtones or gestures> to "Sit". There will be no response.
Anyway, getting back to humans - sometimes I get this weird feeling, while walking through the city and looking at giant skyscrapers, that the building activity is very much like bee hive activity, and, looking at things from reverse, a lot of what we do and build is instinctual and that our sense of awareness and intelligence is somehow an illusion.

Hmmm... so question this.... If humans are considered animals.....then have we brought the animals up in status or knocked the humans down a notch?
Maybe it's too uncomfortable to think of humans as not being animals because then you have to think of why we are not animals, why we are different, then maybe what caused us to be different..... or who caused us to be different. ......and what might that might mean for the way in which we live our lives.
Hmmm...... no ice cream available to waddle to....darn!

Followup poll :
Equal rights for humans and other animals?
If we are equal, should we have equality?

Poll Results:

(5 votes) 28%

No (please post your reasons in the discussion)
(9 votes) 50%

(4 votes) 22%

[...] while we all agreed that humans are animals, I don't remember agreeing that all animals are equal.

So, you're putting human lives above the one of other animals. Of course, since you eat chopped up animals and - I would assume - no humans, you would otherwise be a hypohypocrite. But, where do you take the right to make that distinction?

Chopped up animals - Actually, I just had some. Yum.
Humans are not the only animals that eat other animals. It is natural.

Humans have the capability to overcome instinct. It's what makes humans so powerful. With that power comes responsibility. And with that responsibility comes the obligation to reason - and to develop high ethics. It's the price we have to pay for the power we have. It's what makes the difference between destructive and constructive use of what makes humans unique.

Are you suggesting... that humans are superior to animals?

Wouldn't this mean that humans are not animals after all? ;-)

I'm not suggesting that they are equal in regards to their properties. Different animals are different in regard to their properties. I'm suggesting that they should be treated as equal with the same standards like we tread humans as equals although they might have varying properties. Just like objects in Javascript ;-)


I think we believe animals should have rights or they should have more rights its just that they are not humans and therefore should not have the same or equal rights.
So when the statement is made humans are animals we don't really mean that animals are humans....there is a fundamental difference.

Susan Conarroe:
Well, do we have equal rights with them in their societies?
Varies from species to species, I'm sure, but in large part, I'd say "no."
We get grouped into the vast catagory of other-than-like, which then gets divided according to that society's mindset (predators, prey, etc.) and treated accordinly. Several socities near human habitation have a 'human' subcatagory, but we tend to have a 'dog' subcatagory of animals and treat them a little differently than most, so there's nothing unusual there.
I think humans are animals, I think all animals are equal in importance on a cosmic scale, and each animal determines the center of its own little universe - usually itself, or "family," or "pack," and so on.
So, are animals and humans equal? Yes, on a cosmic scale. I don't think our self-realized intelligence makes us any more important. Should animals have equal human rights with humans? I say that's unnatural. <g>
Now, I think that animals should be interacted with on terms of respect. I think that we humans make abominable use of our shared environment and that we are generally disrespectful of any other species in a way that is somewhat unnatural. <shrug>
So much for "equal rights."


I think we are missing the point, here. Just because other animals would have equal rights wouldn't mean that they could get a drivers license. If humans are heheavilyetarded they still have equal rights. Equal rights always means equal under comparable circumstances.

I voted no because... rights don't exist in nature, they are a human invention. The only thing that matters in nature is reproductive fitness.
Now... if your question had been worded differently; ie, "Is it wise for humans to assign and enforce equals rights for all members of the animal kingdom, human or otherwise?"

Followup poll:
Equal rights for all members of the animal kingdom.
Is it wise for humans to assign and enforce equal rights for all members of the animal kingdom, human or otherwise?

Poll Results:

 (4 votes) 25%

 (10 votes) 63%

 (2 votes) 13%

Now to take this to another plane or Continent as the case may be. Did anyone see that show Survivor where I gather some guy on it stabbed a live pig just to demonstrate that he was useful. If we go with the idea that 4 footed critters are equal to 2 legged ones then is what he did murder? Or was it survival of the fittest? Or just a very bad tv show <g>?

I have no problem with someone stabbing a live pig in order to survive. Having to turn away when it's shown on TV while chewing on shredded pig that was bought shrink wrapped in the super market is an other story. Of course, I doubt he needed to stab the pig in order to survive - otherwise there probably wouldn't have been a TV camera near by.

I don't know who started this thread but it kept me awake all night <g>.
How do we work on equality between everyone? In most of society (IMHO) we have many degrees of inequality whether it be between color, sexes, religions, views of children as property. Using just one of the countries I lived in the difference between each province was different. In France depending on what part you were from determined if you were equal to people from lets say Paris.

Unequal plus unequal can equal equal.
The world is full of unequality. Equality is just a concept we developed - it's an ideal. Equality results when an imbalance of strength and weakness is not executed.
In order to further equality one doesn't need to eliminate or negate differences. Differences are a good thing. If everything would be balanced and undifferent then there would be no enenergy and no life. The very nature of nature is unequality. If unfair and unethical differences are not used to the advantage of the stronger and if we keep the remaining unequalities in balance then we get equality as a result.
For example, if we wouldn't kill other animals when we do not need to then that would be a major step in the right direction.

By teaching our kids to eat animals we teach them to be uncompassionate. Don't be surprised when that uncompassion later pops up in places you didn't expect or intend.

Logical connection?
Chris wrote: By teaching our kids to eat animals we teach them to be uncompassionate.
I don't see how that follows...

Logical connection?
I think so, yes! My previous message Chris 2/19/01 10:17am makes the case for this. Executing an imbalance of strength and weakness is uncompassionate. You don't agree?

I don't see any case made showing a connection between teaching kids to eat animals and teaching kids to be uncompassionate.

Fair enough! If I read my messages again then I have to admit that the correlation is not explicitly clear.
We humans are - if I can generalize a bit - superior in strength to other animals. That is a difference and a natural unequality. Equality (the kind that we've invented as a concept) would result if we would not use that power to our advantage and the others disadvantage. It would be a sign of compassion towards the weaker. Not killing and eating an other animal when we do not need to in order to stay healthy would be such an example. Therefore, teaching kids to do so would be teaching them compassion. Doing the opposite teaches them the opposite.

When I try to follow logical trains of thought, I always remember "one bad link" and the entire subsequent argument fails.
So before continuing, let's stop with your first sentence - humans are superior in strength to other animals?
Not so!

I think now you're to hard on me! OK, let's say superior in strength compare to the animals we eat. They are obviously weaker.

I don't know - I wouldn't try to wrestle a cow.

Superior in cunning, pehaps... not so much sheer musclepower, though!

Yes, for the sake of my argument it's the superiority in cunning that matters.

OK. Let's go back to the argument (for argument's sake).
Do you think teaching kids to eat a hamburger at McDonald's in any way conveys any message at all about human superiority, lack of compassion, etc.
Do you think a lesson is being made at all when you order two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun?

I can perhaps buy the argument that we should all be vegetarians because eating other animals isn't compassionate - BUT - what stumps me is why that same argument should NOT be also extended to plants, which are also living creatures.
And if we extend it to plants, then what does that leave us to eat? Only stuff like fruit and eggs and milk, which are only plant and animal "byproducts" which don't kill the animal to produce them. And then you could make all kinds of arguments about indentured slavery and whatnot (apple trees in orchards, cows in a dairy).
So isn't this all a slippery slope to start down to begin with?

Doug, Yes, of course! When you feed a kid those two all beef patties it will eat it without thinking about where that stuff came from. At that moment your only teaching the kid that it is ok to eat it. But one day the kid will think for the first time about the concept of where that stuff is coming from and will - at the very least - realize that it is lucky not to be the animal that was shredded to make that burger. After realizing the unpleasantness of the animals situation it will have to rationalize by reacting with uncompassion. If it would not react with uncompassion it could not avoid to feel gilt - something it will try to avoid because it would be too difficult and complex to handle, specially at its (the kids) age.

Sue, Yes, it's a bit of a slippery slope. I would even claim that all 'things' - no matter if they are alive or not - have a right to be treated with dignity. Why should we not develop ethical behavior that follows the same standards in all those cases? We just need to look at the issues from various perspectives and then form our ethical behavior around those. For example, science can tell us reliably enough how a certain action is perceived on the receiving end. The extent of consciousness and the complexity of the nervous systems are two examples of important factors that should be taken into account. Those are deciding factors when you want to estimate the amount of psychological pain that is caused. A secondary important factor is the necessity of the action. The first pain you should stop to cause is the one you don't need to cause. You disagree?

I don't disagree in principle, but in practice it gets awfully hard differentiating and making those kinds of decisions...

Who said live is a piece of cake?

Nobody... But you can get paralyzed making decisions like that all day long.
Will I cause more pain/harm (to the fox) if I wear my down parka with the fox fur trim around the hood, or if I wear my polyester parka made in a sweatshop in southeast Asia?
Maybe a bad example, but sometimes you have to just do the best you can and try hard not to think about the rest of it...

No, that's a good example, Sue!

Well, it was, if you consider that you will have to decide first off if you want to purchase the coat (or the other coat) to begin with. I can see making that sort of decision when you make a major coat purchase.
But the example I really meant to give was more of a day to day everyday life kind of example - where making that sort of decision for every little thing you do would get impractical.

Like what, for example?

I can't think of a good example now, either...

Maybe because it doesn't exist?

On the other hand, the parent might teach the kid to appreciate the earth that gives us such bounty and to always treat animals with humanity, making sure to slaughter them in non-painful ways and urging them to raise livestock in pleasant surroundings.
I think it is possible to be a compassionate person and still be a meat eater.

I agree, Doug! But if the parent is teaching that to the kid then they surely can't end up in a burger restaurant together! Now, that would be very hypocritical in deed!

Human compassion, morality and burger joints
I don't think it is hypocritical!

Now you're just pulling my leg....

john cornicello:
Interesting topic to come back to from my trip. And one that I recently took part in in another discussion board (where they were talking about PETA and Ted Nugent and hunting). Sue has already made the point I was making back then. But why should that stop me from re-posting my message to that other group????, So here goes...
Hey every one.... great topic about the Ted Nugent and pita controversy.
I'm a little bit confused by all of this. I always thought that PETA stood for People Eating Tasty Animals. Why would they have a problem with this?
Me? I'm a vegan. Well, sort of... They say that you are what you eat. I eat cows and chickens. Cows and chickens are vegans, so I'm a vegan by extension.
The way I look at it, plants are living things just like animals. I can't stand the idea of someone going around chopping them off at the roots for food. That's barbaric. I can hear the screams. And they have absolutely no chance for escape being firmly rooted into the ground where they stand.
When I go out hiking I can look out over a lush valley and basque in the glory while my vegetarian friend standing next to me looks out over the lush vegetation and all he can think is "hmm.., lunch!"
Actually, in a perfect world we should not be eating animals or vegetables, only other humans. But that won't fly. So, go out and eat what you need.
I like BJ's attitude. You do it for yourself. Don't impose yourself on others, leave that for the fundamentalist religious folks.
One thing I am convinced of is that not eating meat causes a definite loss to ones sense of humor and breeds agression. I mean, when I go out for a steak and it gets served to me with some sort of vegetation on the plate I quietly move the vegetables off to another plate and don't make a scene about it (as offended as I am about the vegetables being there). Give a vegatarian a dish that has some meat in it and see what their reaction is.
Go to a big event at the Seattle Center. Look at all those angry folks with their tables and clipboards at the entrances. I always want to tell them to go grab a hamburger and chill out. Relax. Enjoy yourself. I bet there is more violence among the vegetarians and vegans. No, not all of them. But we're talking generalities here.
Being a vegetarian isn't any healthier than being a carnivore. I've actually done some research on this. I picked a year (1820) and found a group of vegetarians and a group of meat eaters. You know what? They are all dead!! Everyone who ate a brussel sprout in 1825 is dead. Life is short enough. Go out and enjoy yourself.

Well, I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. That certainly sums up the state of the world on this issue!

28.02.2001, 17:08

Server-side Javascript

The Mocha Object Engine is an experimental Internet application development environment that is fully scriptable using the Server-side Javascript language complying with the international standards ECMA-262/ISO-16262 (It's called "Mocha" after the original project name of Javascript). JavaScript is an extremely rich, powerful and flexible programming language and has a large, highly developed syntax, a huge library of standard methods (functions) and built-in capabilities to create complex, object-oriented data structures and methods.

Many web designers and developers are familiar with Javascript as a client-side scripting language where they are able to use it in order to embed program logic in the HTML code of their web pages to control the web browsers. With our Server-side Javascript these web designers and developers can leverage their existing knowledge and benefit from all the advantages of server-side programming to build dynamic websites with an integrated web and e-mail server and a built-in object-oriented database.

Javascript is the most popular language on the Internet! With deployZone it is the most powerfull one as well!

Object-oriented Database

The included object-oriented database is organized into a multi-dimensional hierarchy of named objects such as users or documents. These objects have the same data structure as a Javascript Object, except that they are stored into the database. All objects stored in the OODB can be accessed through Javascript objects.

Using Javascript to set a property value of such an object, will automatically store the value into the OODB and save it to the disk. Fetching a value from a stored object will load it from the disk automatically.

With Server-side Javascript you may create and control your own kinds of objects, giving you an extremely powerful tool for building object-oriented internet and web applications.

With deployZone you'll see: Everything is an object!

File/Object Projection

With its unique File/Object-Projection, DeployZone blends the lines between file system and database, facilitating truly object-oriented content and document management solutions.

The hierarchical structures of the database and any file system content is projected into the database and appears in the same content hierarchy.

  • File system hierarchy is projected into object hierarchy in database
  • Object hierarchy in database reflects and controls file structure on disk

This introduces a new dimension in the development of advanced Document Management solutions.

  • Unparalleled scalability and flexibility
  • Every document is an object
  • Every object is a document
Advanced Layer Architecture

The deployZone Advanced Layer Architecture enhances the core engine with an object-oriented function library that makes it even easier to maintain your customizations, extensions and translations.

The Advanced Layer Architecture separates various elements contained in the core engine into independently maintainable layers. This allows you to customize and update different aspects such as the program logic, layout, design or translations in a strait forward fashion. The Standard Objects Layer takes care of the synchronization with changes in the core engine, providing your customization with all the improvements and new features.

In order to translate or customize your application for specific markets or target groups, you will no longer need to maintain multiple copies of your customized template files.

In addition, the deployZone code base offers many more advanced features, such as providing easy maintenance of multi-lingual content, the capability of switching between ‘interactive’ and ‘non-interactive’ user modes, and others.

The deployZone code base offers the following layers:

deployZone Standard Objects Layer

The Standard Objects Layer (SOL) ensures compatibility and automatic synchronization with Web Crossing’s embedded code and Standard Templates. Existing Web Crossing applications or templates may be converted into a deployZone standard object and then integrated into the Standard Objects Layer. The templates in the Standard Objects Layer will automatically benefit from the features of the other layers, such as the translation features.

deployZone Advanced Objects Layer

The Advanced Objects Layer (AOL) extends the functionality of Web Crossing’s original Standard Templates with many advanced features, such as providing detailed control over the folder lists, toolbars and page layout. Additional customizations to the program logic may be developed into deployZone advanced objects and then integrated into the Advanced Objects Layer.

deployZone Client Objects Layer

The Client Objects Layer (COL) consists of a library for markup language definitions and an API (Application Programming Interface) for client-side-scripting languages. Through this COL-API, any server side properties or data objects can be made available for programming scripts on the client-side. This allows for a much wider range of applications that may be developed and maintained by content managers without compromising server-side security.

deployZone Application Translation Layer

The Application Translation Layer (ATL) translates the user interface of your application into different versions or languages. This translation happens automatically based on criteria such as the user’s preferred language or other settings. If the specified translation is not available, the original default translation will be used instead. All translations can also be set at any level in the hierarchy, in which case they will then apply only to the content objects below that level.

deployZone Custom Design Layer

The Custom Design Layer (CDL) separates the layout and design of your application from the program logic and the content. Any application built on the deployZone layers can follow any specific Corporate Identity guidelines simply by configuring the Custom Design Layer – no other layers need to be modified or maintained.

deployZone’s Content Translation Layer

The Content Translation Layer (CTL) allows you to maintain multilingual (or multi-version) content in an object-oriented database without forcing you to set up multiple hierarchical trees containing duplicate objects for each version. By using the Content Translation Layer, you have the option of storing the various versions and/or translations in the same object hierarchy or even within the same object. When a certain user accesses that object, he or she is automatically served the appropriate version or translation of that content. If the specified translation is not available, then the original default translation of that object will be used instead.

Mochascript - a Server-Side Javascript abstraction library

Mochascript is a high abstraction Internet application scripting language which extends ISO-16262 standard Javascript in object-oriented server-side scripting environments. Mochascript consists of a library of classes, functions and methods itself written in Javascript.

The technology that is used to build today's Websites and Internet applications is quickly moving towards standardization. While this process has been embraced by the industry for client-side products, server-side technologies are still in an earlier stage of this development.

In many ways, Javascript offers an ideal middle ground between Java based programming and more template oriented scripting environments such as PHP. For future Web and Internet applications, it is Javascript that will be able to best provide the flexibility and power of a true programming language while retaining the simplicity required for quick and lean implementations.

Object-oriented web development environments that use Javascript as the server-side programming language to build an applications business logic are one of the areas that will move towards becoming an interchangeable commodity.

To allow Javascript based application logic to become exchangeable among different implementations, these scripts need to adhere to a higher level of abstraction. The Mochascript abstraction library will provide that common ground and bring a new level of simplicity to the complex task of creating Web and Internet applications.

Mochascript makes it possible to directly describe the functionality that a given project should provide, without the need to define its programmatic implementation. This results in code that is very human readable and that can be deployed on any sub-system implementation that supports standard Javascript.

Current versions of Mochascript require either DeployZone 3.0 or newer or Web Crossing 4.1 or newer.

Mochascript is provided free of charge and its source code is made available to interested developers that want to implement it in other environments or otherwise participate in its development.

Essential benefits:

  • Rapid scripting of your internet projects
  • Results in very clean, easy to read code
  • Well suited for extreme programming and easy refactoring
  • Transparently handles multiple languages, localizations or audiences
  • Easy to optimize for performance
  • Automatic database storage and retrieval
  • Clean separation of core logic, business logic, design and content
  • Creation of reusable Mocha Objects via web browser
  • Syntax checking via web browser
  • Quick-debugging via web browser
  • Well integrated HTTP, XML-RPC, E-mail server and client APIs
  • Direct referencing of nested database object properties
28.12.2000, 17:10

Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman's exclusive election day interview with Bill Clinton on, where an intended quick two minutes call-in turns into a hard hitting 30 minutes interview:

(skip to the second half of the hour)


The Cluetrain Manifesto


Anno 1999: Der Oberhasler

Anno 1998:

" ist ein auf Crossnet®-Technologie basierendes Diskussionforum, welches den globalen Konsens und die direkte Demokratie fördern will. Der Volksrat will national und international, als freies und neutrales Forum der Bürger, den Konsens von Politik, Medien, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft verbessern." from 1998 in the wayback machine

>>> Fan traces "lost" singer Rodriguez

> Anno 1998: crossnet
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> The right time to buy Apple stock
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> Global Screen Design Services
> NEW-LIST digests
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> Eternal September
> AOL expanding Internet services
> Anno 1993: Macro-micro navigator
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> You register me in 50 states
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> Friedrich Dürrenmatt - Die Schweiz als Gefängnis
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> Enable the Creative
> Photoshop Startup Memories and First Demo
> Anno 1989: Lambada by Kaoma
> Anno 1988: Perfect by Fairground Attraction
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> Macworld Expo 1988 Amsterdam
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> Earth Mother and Fortieth Floor by Lesley Duncan
> La Linea by Osvaldo Cavandoli
> California by Joni Mitchell
> CoinFest 2016, April 5-10, Mont-Soleil
> Supplement to the Whole Earth Catalog
> Neil Young
> Whole Earth Catalog
> Kurdistan-reve-de-Printemps
> Anno 1968: Mony Mony and People Got to Be Free
> August 28th 1968: William Buckley Vs Gore Vidal

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solidarity and sustainability

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> RingoJS hits 0.9
> Souper et débat politique - Round Three
> Weltformatplakat GPB-DA, Stadtratswahlen 2012
> NEIN zum Tierseuchengesetz am 25.11.2012 - NON à la loi révisée sur les épizooties
> brings Dynamic Facilitation Training to Zurich, March 4-6, 2013
> Souper - Débat politique à Espace Noir
> Du 8 au 12 août, les Imériens accueilleront les anarchistes du monde entier
> St-Imier 2012 Anarchism Gathering Program
> The Transformation Project
> Empowering Public Wisdom - The Manifesto
> The Story of Change
> A Guidebook of Alternative Nows
> Albert Streichs Mittnächtler
> Declaration of Interdependence, Occupy Café and Occupy National Gathering
> Confirmation of the Higgs Boson and the Standard Model
> Plonk & Replonk
> Radical Openness
> Surfing Democracy - Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Councils
> From Consumers to Citizens
> Deepening Democracy Days, June 2-12, 2012
> Sophie's Choice in Bovine
> TerreVision - agriculture contractuelle
> The axis of evil runs through our dining tables
> Guggenheim by The Ting Tings
> Consensus is not something you either have or not. It is something you always have more or less of.
> Self-organisation as a powerful change agent
> Sixteen Saltines by Jack White
> macht Deliberative Demokratie mit Konsensforum
> International Anarchism Gathering, St-Imier 2012
> If what you are doing is not helpful, please stop doing it. Seriously.
> Out of Print: The 20th Century
> Jacob Appelbaum and National Security Agency whistleblower William Binne on growing state surveillance
> The Adobe Creative Cloud is coming!
> Working on true, bottom up subsidiarity
> Beim Denken sind Tiere auch nur Menschen
> Light Table - a new IDE concept
> Saturn Return by She Keeps Bees
> Lea & story-209 by michelo-ud
> Tim Anderson and Matthew Slater on Community Forge
> Journée: Coopératives & énergies renouvelables
> Summer 2012 will be the Woodstock of Anarchism
> Late in the Night by Heartless Bastards
> House Rules
> Everyone is an exception. Let's try and catch each other.
> Finish your Beer
> Zweites Eichhorn 2011 by michelo-ud
> I believe I know what is true, but I know I don't know what is real.
> O Freedom by Billy Bragg
> Hochdemokratie
> Bradley Manning by Cass McCombs
> The Foundation of Democracy
> The Three Pillars of Democracy
> Will Not Follow by Gringo Star
> Hydrogen production from inexhaustible supplies of fresh and salt water using microbial reverse-electrodialysis electrolysis cells
> Fortschritt statt schildbürgerliches Wachstum
> Consensus & Direct Democracy @ Occupy Everything
> Libertär, EU-kritisch, ökologisch, sozial
> The Creative Cloud, Elasticity, Touch and Context
> Privacy is only needed to the extent that society is malfunctioning.
> Antwort auf offenen Brief von Tobias Sennhauser
> Evolution is not about the survival of the fittest, it is about the optimization of the synergies.
> New GPB-DA Poster (and Logo) for the Federal Elections 2011
> Here's to the crazy ones!
> How To Design A Good API and Why it Matters
> Die Grünen sind die liberalsten
> Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul
> 25th Fête de la Lune Noire
> Switzerland is Not a Nation - it is a Philosophy
> Damn Love Song by Amy LaVere
> Re:
> RingoJS 0.8.0 is out!
> Strength in Numbers by Colin Scallan
> This Painting is Not Available in Your Country
> Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform
> Customer Experience Management
> Not becoming part of the problem when trying to be part of the solution
> What's Next California
> The Data Liberation Front
> The Definition of Love
> Paradise with Side Effects
> Permaculture - A Quiet Revolution
> Storm Song by Smoke Fairies
> bumblebee
> Best Music, News, and More is Back!
> Christiana Bike gone missing in Basel
> Newark Peace Education Panel
> Wishful thinking is the mother of all progress
> AIR is to apps as PDF is to docs
> Everything is either simple or flawed
> Canada, please evolve
> Piledriver Waltz by Alex Turner
> Blue Tip by The Cars
> Re: Administrivia
> Madame Trudeaux by KT Tunstall
> Powerful stroke of insight
> How to Save the World, Fast and Easy
> Think before teaching young dogs old tricks
> It Hurts Me Too by First Aid Kit
> Asmaa Mahfouz starting a revolution
> No more White Stripes
> Could uprisings in Egypt and the Arab world produce a 'Muslim Gandhi'?
> The decision to store data in a database is usually a case of premature optimization
> Cablecom baffled by service interruptions
> Fixing the Future
> Please Take by Wire
> Software Engineering
> So Long, Larry King Live
> WikiLeaks moves to Switzerland
> Making Antimatter where the Web was born
> Which system setting, Mr. Citrix?
> Daniel Ellsberg on Wikileaks
> Unconditional Responsibility meets Total Compassion
> Peaceful Valley Boulevard and Rumblin
> Order is an addictive illusion
> Ringo Release 0.6
> Predictions of an ugly IPv4-to-IPv6 transition
> Link Love for Javascript
> Bungee jumps for all congressman, free!, no strings attached
> Restrepo
> Open source Facebook replacement Diaspora drops first alpha
> Angry World by Neil Young
> Faked web browsing
> Nice comparison of Ringo and Node
> Erbix CommonJS soft-coding engine
> The Paul Allen Suit
> Web services should be both federated and extensible
> Reality is an onion, and depending on how deep you think, it may seem to contradict itself
> Oh No! by Marina And The Diamonds
> If there is anything supernatural, it is humanity itself
> Lila Luftschloss
> We have the world we want
> CoffeeScript, and underscore.js
> Brendan Eich on Proxies, Modules and other Proposals and Strawman
> confederate?
> Good for Adobe, Good for Day, Good for the Ecosystem
> Will Adobe see the light (of Day)?
> What's Up Doc? by Carbon/Silicon
> How creativity occurs
> RingoJS vs NodeJS
> Sweet People by Alyosha
> RingoJS 0.5 released
> Your Personal Religion by Sophie Hunger
> Lost and Found by Steve Mason
> RhinoJS
> Server-Side Javascript since... way back: RingoJS!
> Modules, Proxies, and Ephemeron Tables
> Helma 1.7.0 has escaped its stealth existence
> The Moon And The Sky by Sade
> Written In Reverse by Spoon
> Keep Cool My Babies!
> Module system strawpersons
> You find what you google for.
> Move your money - It's a Wonderful Life
> ServerJS - Brewing The Perfect Storm
> While society must do things the right way, its people must find ways to do the right thing
> CommonJS effort sets JavaScript on path for world domination
> ServerJS - putting Javascript to work on the *other* side
> Eating healthier would safe the planet
> JVM Web Framework Smackdown
> Before implementing a solution to a problem, always search for a workaround, because the workaround is often better than the original solution
> If they are not ready for what they need, give them the backbone for their future baby steps
> Been there, but haven't done that
> Unus Pro Omnibus - Omnes Pro Uno
> Hang You From the Heavens by The Dead Weather
> Web-based editing of sandboxed server-side javascript apps
> PubSubHub against spam and walled gardens
> CometD at a glance
> Be part of the solution, not part of the problem
> Get Around by Neil Young
> Surrender by Cheap Trick
> A car has nothing to do with a carpet
> ES5 Candidate Specification
> ReverseHttp and RelayHttp
> The best solution is that one isn't needed
> New Eclipse Helma plugin project
> Is the Bespin web-based code editor the ideal future ServerJS IDE?
> Server-Side Javascript Standard Library
> First Soleil on Mont-Soleil
> Rhinola 0.8 - Server JS reduced to the minimum
> Helma turns 1.6.3
> Helma 1.6.3-rc3 ready for testing
> Helma 1.6.3 Release Candidate 2
> Release Candidate 1 of Helma 1.6.3
> Helma at the 2008 OpenExpo in Zurich
> Large Hadron Collider
> Ecmascript Harmony
> The A-Z of Programming Languages jumps to Javascript
> Fresh Javascript IDE in Ganymede Eclipse release
> Helma at the Linuxwochen in Linz
> Brendan on the state of Javascript evolution
> Stuff by George Carlin
> Is AppleScript done?
> ES4 Draft 1 and ES3.1 Draft 1
> Want ES4 in Helma today?
> SquirrelFish!
> Permaculture 101
> ES4 comes to IE via Screaming Monkey
> Apple's position on ECMAScript 4 proposals
> Helma Meeting Spring 2008
> Attila Szegedi about Rhino, Helma and Server-Side Javascript, and scripting on the JVM in general
> Helma 1.6.2 ready to download
> Larry Lessig's case for creative freedom
> Earthlings - Can you face the truth?
> The Story of Stuff
> A Quick Start to Hello World
> The Overlooked Power of Javascript
> Adobe's position on ES4 features, plus the Flex 3 SDK source code is now available under the MPL
> Solar cell directly splits water for hydrogen
> Asynchronous Beer and Geeking and other opportunities to talk about Helma, Rhino and Javascript on the server-side
> Openmocha and Jhino updated to 0.8
> Even more Server-side Javascript with Jaxer
> e4xd and jhino - javascript server-side soft-coding
> Additional Filename Conventions
> Update to Helma 1.6.1
> Netscape, the browser, to live one more month
> Heavyweight Champion of the World by Reverend and the Makers
> SimpleDB vs CouchDB
> Nuclear plants in Switzerland are modern Orgetorixism
> Helma powered AppJet - Takeoff!
> CouchDB for Helma
> Bubble bursting friendship bracelets
> Evolving ES4 as the universal scripting language
> Helmablog and an article in Linux Pro Magazine
> More praise for Helma
> Javascript as Universal Scripting Language
> So, what's up with World Radio Switzerland?
> Helma Conspiracy Theory
> JSONPath and CouchDB
> Hold the whole program in your head, and you can manipulate it at will
> Keeping track of localhost:8080
> Rhino 1.6R6 with E4X fix and patches for Helma
> Helma 1.6 is ready!
> Junction brings Rhino on Rails to Helma
> Javascript for Java programmers
> The server-side advantage
> John Resig on Javascript as a language
> Rhino on Rails
> Release Candidate 3 of Helma 1.6.0
> ECMAScript 4 Reference Implementation
> Antville Summer Of Code 2007
> Helma 1.6.0-rc2
> Using H2 with Helma
> Helma warped around existing db schemas
> Rocket the Super Rabbit
> Bootstrap is out of the bag
> The last mention of Microsoft
> Helma 1.6.0-rc1
> Introducing Planet Helma
> Helma ante portas
> Fixing Javascript inheritance
> Shutdown-Day the Helma way
> Upcoming Helma 1.6, new reference docs and IRC channel
> Making Higgs where the Web was born
> Jala for Helma
> See you at Lift'07
> More on Javascript Inheritance
> Mocha Inheritance
> Helma 1.5.3
> Fresh Rhino on Safari
> Truly Hooverphonic!
> Helma 1.5.2
> RFC 4329 application-ecmascript
> Helma 1.5.1 ready to download
> Aptana - Eclipse reincarnated as a Javascript IDE
> Building the Conversational Web
> Drosera steps in to debug Safari
> Helma 1.5.0 has been released!
> Helma 1.5 RC2 is ready
> Helma 1.5.0 Release Candidate 1 available for download
> FreeBSD Jails the brand new easy way
> Javascript 2 and the Future of the Web
> Frodo takes on chapter 3
> No Rough Cut :-(
> Welcome to Helma!
> 40th Montreux Jazz Festival
> trackAllComments
> Rails' greatest contribution
> Consensus vs Direct Democracy
> A candidate for CSCSJS or a Mocha Fetchlet
> A (Re)-Introduction to JavaScript
> coComment Roundup
> Track your comments
> Sketching image queries and reinventing email
> ECMAScript - The Switzerland of development environments
> I love E4X
> Tutorial D, Industrial D and the relational model
> Stop bashing Java
> E4X Mocha Objects
> Logging and other antimatters
> Stronger types in Javascript 2
> Javascript Diagnosis & Testing
> Homo Oxymora
> Yeah, why not Javascript?
> Moving beyond Java
> Spidermonkey Javascript 1.5 finally final
> Helma Trivia
> Finding Java Packages
> JSEclipse Javascript plug-in for Eclipse
> Catching up to Continuations
> Mighty and Beastie Licenses
> Tasting the OpenMocha Console
> "Who am I?", asks Helma
> Savety vs Freedom and other recent ramblings
> Mont-Soleil Open Air Lineup
> Rhinola - Mocha reduced to the minimum
> OpenMocha 0.6 available for download
> E4X presentation by Brendan Eich
> What is Mocha?
> Do you remember Gopher?
> The disappointment
> OpenMocha Project Roadmap
> MochiKit Javascript Library
> Getting your feet wet with OpenMocha
> People flocking to see global warming
> Rails vs Struts vs Mocha
> The JavaScript Manifesto
> OpenMocha is ready for a spin
> The limits of harmonization
> Le Conseil fédéral au Mont-Soleil
> Amiga History Guide
> The people must lead the executive, control the legislature and be the military
> Copyback License
> Looking at FreeBSD 6 and Beyond
> Qualified Minority Veto
> The Doom of Representative Democracy
> Violence in a real democracy
> Concordance and Subsidiarity
> Wrapping Aspects around Mocha Objects?
> Future of Javascript Roadmap
> Baby steps towards Javascript heaven
> Mac OS X spreading like wildfire
> Trois petits filous à Faoug
> Jackrabbit JSR 170
> Rich components for HTML 5
> More Java Harmony
> Mac goes Intel
> Google goes Rumantsch
> Oxymoronic Swiss-EU relations
> Rico and Prototype Javascript libraries
> Paul Klee - An intangible man and artist
> Incrementalism in the Mozilla roadmap
> Mocha multi-threading
> Moving towards OpenMocha
> Google goes Portal
> What Bush doesn't get
> Unique and limited window of opportunity
> Persisting Client-side Errors to your Server
> Dive Into Greasemonkey
> Brown bears knock on Switzerland's door
> The experience to make what people want
> "Just" use HTTP
> Yes, what is gather?
> A Free Song for Every Swiss Citizen
> Java in Harmony
> Jan getting carried away
> Evil Google Web Accelerator?
> JSON.stringify and JSON.parse
> Ajax for Java
> The launching of launchd
> Timeless RSS
> Kupu
> SNIFE goes Victorinox
> AJAX is everywhere
> Papa Ratzi
> How Software Patents Work
> Ten good practices for writing Javascript
> Free-trade accord with japan edges closer
> Mocha at a glance
> Adobe acquires Macromedia
> Safari 1.3
> View complexity is usually higher than model complexity
> Free Trade Neutrality
> SQL for Java Objects
> Security Bypass
> Exactly 1111111111 seconds
> Kurt goes Chopper
> Choosing a Java scripting language
> Spamalot's will get spammed a lot
> The visual Rhino debugger
> The Unix wars
> EU-Council adopts software patent directive
> FreeBSD baby step "1j"
> Never trust a man who can count to 1024 on his fingers
> Visiting the world's smallest city
> Finally some non-MS, non-nonsense SPF news
> Swiss cows banned from eating grass
> Ludivines, the "Green Fairy" of absinthe
> First Look At Solaris 10
> EU Commission Declines Patent Debate Restart
> Alan Kay's wisdom guiding the OpenLaszlo roadmap towards Mocha?
> 1 Kilo
> Re: FreeBSD logo design competition
> Schweizer Sagen
> Europas Eidgenossen
> Art Nouveau La Chaux-de-Fonds 2005-2006
> XMLHttpRequest glory
> The Beastie Silhouette
> The Number One Nightmare
> Safe and Idempotent Methods such as HEAD and TRACE
> Sorry, you have been verizoned.
> Daemons and Pixies and Fairies, Oh My!
> Sentient life forms as MIME-attachments: RFC 1437
> Anno 2004: CZV
> Web Developer Extension for Firefox
> Refactoring until nothing is left
> Brendan, never tired of providing Javascript support
> Catching XP in just 20 Minutes
> Designing the Star User Interface
> Rhino, Mono, IKVM. Or: JavaScript the hard way
> Re: SCO
> Judo
> Convergence on abstraction and on browser-based Console evaluation
> Today found out that inifinite uptimes are still an oxymoron
> New aspects of woven apps
> Original Contribution License (OCL) 1.0
> Unified SPF: a grand unified theory of MARID
> BSD is designed. Linux is grown.
> 5 vor 12 bei 10 vor 10
> Mocha vs Helma?
> Schattenwahrheit: Coup d'etat underway against the Cheney Circle?
> Abschluss Bilaterale II Schweiz-EU
> From Adam Smith to Open Source
> Linux - the desktop for the rest of them
> Big Bang
> Leaky Hop Objects
> Return Path Rewriting (RPR) - Mail Forwarding in the Spam Age
> Microsoft Discloses Huge Number Of Windows Vulnerabilties
> Steuerungsabgabe statt Steuern
> Anno 2003: deployZone
> The war against terror
> The war against terror (continued)
> The relativity of Apple's market share
> Are humans animals?
> Server-side Javascript
> Democracy Now!
> Transition-Town-Bern-am-25-April
> The Cluetrain Manifesto
> Anno 1999: Der Oberhasler
> Anno 1998:
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