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Chris Zumbrunn Ventures provides a wide range of interactive media services:


I have produced multimedia shows and applications in the form of information kiosks, compact discs, custom developed trade show environments and the Internet/Intranet. My emphasis is on quality! The outstanding 'ease of use' of my interface designs, always puts your message where it should be... in the centerpoint of the production!

My specialty is to pioneer into the frontiers of interactive multimedia. In the past I had the pleasure to be involved in cutting edge projects for the following entities amongst many others:
RasterOps, Macromedia, Kodak, Intouch, Montreux Jazz Festival, Silicon Graphics, Autodesk, Megalon, Martop, Apple Computer, and together with our partner Xmedia: Swiss Book Center, IBM Switzerland, Digital Switzerland, Roche Pharma Switzerland, Grindelwald Tourism and the Swiss Fire Brigade Association as well as different publishing houses and interest groups.

If you would like to involve me with an exciting upcoming project, you can contact me in one of the following ways:

Chris Zumbrunn Ventures
Hauptstrasse 10
3860 Meiringen

Phone ++41 33 971 0101
Fax ++41 33 971 0102


Crossnet ist ein Forum für den gesellschaftspolitischen Dialog in der Schweiz und soll der Konsensförderung dienen. - Ein kollektiver Intellekt für die Schweiz.

Diskutieren Sie mit!

Das Xjournal ist der ideale Online Navigator für das surfen im Internet. Ausserdem bildet das Xjournal eine Plattform für die Schweizer Medien im Internet.

Die Online-Version der Meiringer Lokalzeitung 'Der Oberhasler' mit Einbindung des Web-Angebotes der Gesamtregion und Crossnet-Diskussionen zu lokalen Themen.

Thank you for your interest in the interactive media services of my company!


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